It is a project of cultural and cross-border cooperation. It is a cultural project implemented in the area of Český Těšín and Cieszyn.

The main aim of the project is to overcome prejudices and stereotypes that can divide Czechs, Poles and Slovaks, and above all to build positive relations between the countries of the Visegrad Group. Towns on the border, which Český Těšín and Cieszyn without question are, have a rich common history, past and future. All this brings both positive and negative aspects. Film Festival Cinema on the border is an example of positive cooperation, building relationships and activities that have a long tradition and above all a positive image.

Czech, Polish, Slovak and Hungarian productions are presented together (films, discussions, meetings with directors, concerts, exhibitions, happenings, etc.). The show is organized as a non-commercial event with associated activities from the field of culture, arts and education (such as films for schools according to professional choice and quality content, conferences and seminars). Both towns of Těšín become a place of positive and valuable meetings and convergence. Experienced Czech-Polish organizational team including partners, cooperating institutions and organizations provides the high quality of the project.

The main partner is the Polish Civic association Stowarzyszenie Kultura na Granicy from Cieszyn.


Town wide project called "Holiday" for children and youth. Nonprofit organizations (civic associations), organizations and other institutions in Český Těšín annually prepare more than 100 events for children. The events take place in July and August during the summer holiday. The whole project is a competition; children collect points (stamps in booklets) for the event they visited. The project culminates with a festive evaluation and presentation of the awards at the end of August.

The main partner is the Children and Youth Centre Český Těšín.


The project falls within the area of support the development of leisure activities and culture – it is specifically focused on the target group of parents with young children (age group 0-6 years). The aim of the project is to create a functioning center that will provide a persistent background (material, technical, personnel) and quality program (entertainment, creativity as well as educational activities for personal development).

The main project partners are Children and Youth Centre Český Těšín and Civic association Campanella that is dedicated to the Montessori method.


The project focuses on cooperation between Czech and Polish non-profit organizations. The cooperation concerns the preparation and implementation of joint projects within the cultural and educational activities on local, regional and international scale. It is important to maintain and enhance the Czech-Polish cooperation just in the area of Těšín Silesia, which is not only rich in its history but also present, which includes very attractive and high quality events.

The main partner is the Polish Civic association Stowarzyszenie Kultura na Granicy from Cieszyn.


The project concerns the cultural and social scope. It is an example of cooperation between Czech and Polish non-profit organizations. “WAY OF UNDERSTANDING” is not only the name of the project but it is penetrates mainly through its implementation. The project brings children with various disabilities and healthy children together and supports the integration of people with disabilities into society. The aim of the project is to create a valuable joint program consisting of theater groups, dance groups and choirs of handicapped people together with groups from schools and leisure time organizations, which will be presented on the Czech and Polish side of the border. The Civic association ETC was a partner of the project in 2009.